As the harvest moon rises….

The moon rose tonight through lowhanging clouds over Ross Bay below Victoria, up the night & the seas reflecting her by Ian Byington.
The moon rose tonight through lowhanging clouds over Ross Bay below Victoria, BC….lighting up the night & the seas reflecting her beams….photo by Ian Byington.

Beautiful moon tonight, hey?

Here’s a song to go with it:¬†Play here! (It’s me singing “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” for you….)

Happy Harvest Moon to you!

Starpeople: Why I’m checking on them (and maybe, why they check on me & us)


When I was a kid, the big excitement in the early 1960s in the States was space. We were going to space & to the moon & the stars, and we were making the rockets to get there. We were also making the people to go there, and they were stronger & smarter &  tougher than the average bear, because they had to be. They we going into space!

The Mercury 7 were the early heroes of all this, and I knew them & their stories just like I knew the stats on my baseball cars & the details of all those Hardy Boys books we read…and I loved them.

One of those astronauts, Gordon Cooper, became one of the leading proponents of his belief, based on things he had personally seen, that the Earth was being visited by folks from other planets. You can read a quick version here, and here’s a short video of Col. Cooper addressing this:

Other astronauts have reported seeing things as well, with perhaps the most prominent & articulate being Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon (Apollo 14). In this interview with James Fox, he reviews his thoughts & experiences regarding what’s there, and the possible reasons people want to deny it.

Over the last few years, people have asked me what I think, and I usually respond that I’m curious, like everyone else. It’s as simple as this: I’ve personally met over two dozen people who have described their encounters with ETs (extraterrestrials), both visual & actual contact, and they’re reliable witnesses, far as I can tell.

That’s the sort of thing I would like to share, here.

So, being curious, I keep asking questions. Hope you do, too.