ENC: The new struggle is the same as the old struggle…where’s the water?

water2222In The Emperor’s New Clothes section, we take a peek at the stuff nobody wants to talk about…you know, the stuff that matters most & gets talked about most & acted on the least.

30a95d6949aedacc4f0b9c1c9efb7c7493c14e75As you know from the Ten Most Important Things (and, most reliably, your own good sense), there are too many human beings on the planet, and what we mean by this is simple: there isn’t enough cake at this party when too many folks show up.

Or water.

Here’s a quick rundown of the years ahead, but┬ámy friends, we can’t wait till then to share & heal. We need to make plans now. We need to practice sharing now. We need to offer what we have & start to re-design what we call progress, now. The humans and the other creatures on Earth not having clean water to drink…not progress.

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