Intuitives: Micara & the gift of opening yourself to your intuition

Micara Link
Micara Link

One of the intuitives I’d like you to meet is Micara Link, who had two big shifts in her life last year, as she moved with her husband from South Dakota to outside of Kansas City, AND welcomed their first child. She’s worked with Denise Linn, and over the past five years has really gotten her practice going, with her guidance to the treasures of intuition, as well as teaching & practicing reiki.

You can read more about Micara & what she offers at her website.

In today’s posting, here are her thoughts about strengthening your intuition, and your connection to it:

When I teach people how to reconnect to and strengthen their intuition, one of the biggest blocks that comes up is Lack of Trust.

“How do I know if my intuition is right?
How do I know it’s ok to trust it?
What if I’m wrong?”, they say.

My answer? Your intuition is always correct and it is always safe to trust it.

Why? Because your intuition is the loving voice within that is connected to God.

How do you learn to trust? There’s no short-cut, no secret, no way to teach you to trust – you just have to do it. You have to make the decision & commitment to live from within. Over time you will learn that your intuition is worthy of your trust, but first you have to be willing to take a risk, let go, and surrender to your inner guide.

One of the reasons I love teaching Intuition Development is because it’s during these classes that we create a sacred space to practice your intuition. The more you practice, the more you begin to trust. When you’re put into a room full of strangers, and you’re ‘reading’ them accurately, your doubt-filled mind starts to hush up. Instead, you awaken to the truth of your intuition. You begin to ‘hear’ the difference between your ego-mind, and your love-based intuitive mind.

It can be quite the head trip at times, I totally understand.

I remember when I first communicated with someone’s loved one on the other side… I didn’t even believe in Heaven at the time! It was like my neurons were backfiring, all the circuits made where crashing… how could this be possible?

But it was, and over time, I began to see how powerful, beautiful, magical, and empowering (oh, I could go on and on…;) life is when I live from the guidance of my most sacred advisor: my intuition.

Embracing my inner guide and committing to live from this place within has completely changed my life in the most amazing ways, which is why I am passionate about helping you do the same.

So what exactly IS your intuition and how does it work?

Your intuition is communication from your most holy self, your soul. Your soul is a spark of light extended from The Universe. The Universe is a life-sustaining, supportive, loving force that works within you and for you.

Your intuition comes to you in the form of feelings, hunches, visions, repetitive thoughts, and sometimes a very strong inner knowing.

Your intuition is never fear-based. It always comes from a place of love and peace.

Your intuition is powerful! Listening to the guidance you receive can change your life, especially if you’ve been ignoring it. The fear many people have in listening to this voice is because they know it will change their life – no more living in denial – living from your intuition is living a life of truth and purpose. Our egos tend to have a heavy grip on our wings of trust, holding us back from really stepping into our light.

Your intuition often communicates in whispers. It’s like a feeling or voice beneath all the busyness and chaos. Describing it this way might make it seem like it’s hard to ‘hear’ your intuition, but it’s not. It’s right there. Paying attention will help you recognize it.  Also, the more you listen to this whisper, the louder it will get. Over time it won’t seem be so quiet anymore.

Your intuition doesn’t always make sense. This is one of the hardest parts in trusting it because our minds really want things to make sense in a linear, logical, and practical way. Guidance from our intuition can sometimes seem ‘crazy’ with no basis to the information we are getting. This is where the magic really happens! This is the time when we get the opportunity to first-handedly experience the motto, “Jump and the net will appear.” Listen to your inner voice even if it doesn’t make sense. It will. Give it time.

Your intuition is connected to the energy of pure potential and creative life-force which is another way of describing the energy of Source or God. I mention this again, because I want to remind you how miraculous your intuition really is. There are many times you might be looking ahead on your path thinking, “I can’t do this! I have no idea what to do or where to go. Everything seems impossible!”

And then by the power of a tiny whisper from within, everything seems to fall into place better than you could even imagine. This is how your intuition can make the seemingly impossible, possible. Every bump in the road can be maneuvered through your inner guidance. It’s always there to steer you where you’re meant to go.

You who are reading this – yes YOU! – You are SO intuitive! You wouldn’t be reading this right now if you weren’t. I hope this helps you ditch any doubt you have in trusting your inner guide.

Please feel free to send me any questions you have regarding intuition and I will do my best to answer them. (Click here to send me a message!)

It is my passion to help you clear the fear and step into your light through the power of your Intuition! Whoopee! I feel like yelling that from the rooftop!

Just for today, trust your intuition no matter what. See what happens. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Thank you!


Here’s a vid with Micara discussing releasing fear:

A Course in Miracles teaches that fear is false and Love is the true reality. In today’s meditation (below), you are guided to release your fears, replace them with love, and restore your right-mind. Use this meditation whenever you need to get back on track — free from fear, worry, stress, and anxiety.

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