Starpeople: The moon over Mount Baker in Washington State….

The moon, last night. Photo by Chris Teren...
The moon, last night. Photo by Chris Teren…

It’s always great to see the world (and other worlds) from different angles, and that’s what I love about Chris Teren’s photos…he goes to amazing lengths to get amazing angles that make this amazing world even more clear & …well, amazing. Here are his remarks about this picture he shot last night:

Full Moon Cradled by Mount Baker – May 3, 2015

I’ve been trying to get this shot for several years. Last night, it finally happened. I left the San Juan Islands in my Piper Cherokee at 7:30 PM and headed towards Birch Bay, with the hopes of finding the moon rising at 8:13 PM. It was a beautiful evening and there was plenty to see along my way. Around 8:20, I still could not see the moon!

There was a lot of haze to the east, so I started climbing to get above it. Somewhere around 8:30, and 7,500 feet up, I finally caught sight of the moon – in the wrong place! It was over the Twins and moving fast, nowhere near Mount Baker – the haze to the east had obscured it! I started diving and flying east, towards Lynden, in order to catch the moon where I was hoping to see it.

By the time I got down to 3000 feet, I was over the town of Everson, and the moon was perfectly framed between Colfax Peak and Lincoln Peak, with Mount Baker right behind. It was a sight to behold!

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Prints and more images from the Pacific Northwest are available too.

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