Intuitives: Meet Geoff Thompson & the Archangel Collective

Goeff (centre) meets up with Debra & his brother Mike after the April meeting....
Goeff (centre) meets up with Debra & his brother Mike after the April meeting – he returns to Victoria for the October 10th meeting at 7pm at the Fernwood Community Centre….

When Geoff Thompson made a presentation to the Victoria Metaphysical and Intuitive Development Group (here’s their Meetup page & here’s their Facebook page) back in April, he discussed how things work with him & his connection to the Archangel Collective, then had a session where he channeled them and they answered questions from the overflow crowd (our biggest of the year).

The answers were grounded, easy to understand, and easy to apply. The two comments I heard the most afterwards: Wow, that was really useful!..and…When is he coming back?

Well – this week! (October 10th at 7pm @ the Fernwood Community Centre in Victoria).
Here’s what the Meetup co-hosts Dawn & Sarah tell me:

Join Geoff Thompson (channel for the Archangel Collective) for an open discussion about the changing times we are in and the importance of being brave. Geoff will be channeling the being known as Tobel, member of the Ascended Council of Angels and keeper of the language of light. Sharing insights from both the perspective of the Archangels and that of his many physical incarnations Tobel will discuss what it is like to move through these changing times and why they are so important for us.

There will be a live question and answer period where individuals will be able to pose their questions to Tobel and the Archangel Collective and special details on Discovering Ascension services for those in attendance.


See you there! Here is Goeff’s website (Discovering Ascension), and here’s a bit about Goeff:

Geoff has been extrasensory his whole life, his ability to feel the emotions of others was almost overwhelming at certain times of his life.  It took many years for him to learn how to best channel this ability, but when he did, a brand new world opened up to him.  It was with the help of many spiritual teachers that he was finally able to connect with what is known as the Archangel Collective.

The Archangel Collective is a group of benevolent entities whose only wish is to help human beings achieve the highest levels of joy and happiness.  They express themselves through unconditional love and complete acceptance of who you are in this moment. While many people are aware of who the Archangels are, either by way of religious teachings or spiritual connection, most are not aware that they try communicating with us constantly.  You may be guided by them at any moment and not even know it!  They hear your pleas and prayers and try desperately to reach you.  The challenge can come in the form of misunderstanding them or identifying too strongly with the Ego.

As an extension of their work, Geoff channels their messages to you directly, so that they can better help you with any situation you may be dealing with.  They do not judge, they do not have personal motives.  They simply want to be apart of your life in whatever manner you choose. Let Geoff help you connect with your guardian angels and Archangels and experience the overwhelming love that is their presence.