Intuitives: Take my hand, with Lisa K. Fox


As most of you know, I have had sessions & readings with intuitives all over the country as well as in the US, and one of the folks I enjoy the most is visiting with Lisa Fox. I’ve found her to not only be accurate, but also decidedly helpful as I continue to fill in the gaps on the map of my spiritual path.

At another time, I’ll tell you more about sessions we’ve shared, especially with her serving as a medium, but for now, I thought you’d enjoy this posting from Lisa’s blog, last month…tell me what you think, and what you feel:

Take My Hand, by Lisa K. Fox

I was on my side napping in the summertime sunlight of my bedroom, one arm stretched out the other tucked, my brain and body in that glorious space of still-dreaming-so-I-refuse-to-wake-up-place.

Then it happened-I felt something holding my hand, and I, of course, dream defaulted to it’s not real, so just go with it, no big deal.

Somehow in my sleepy stupor I was able to decide that I would squeeze this invisible hand and see if it would squeeze back. It did, softly but very firmly.

I was awake. Startled, afraid and unbelieving of what had just happened. Did I dream it? No…I FELT it! Did I once again experience something strange, new and unexplainable as I always do as a medium? Was it a spirit or was it… Dear God…what was it?

I have NEVER in all my years with my many gifts experienced anything quite like THIS. This begged further study and analogy when awake and coherent. THIS I wasn’t sure I could or would ever share with ANYONE. You are the first to hear it and it’s time to share as I had a funny feeling I would someday for a good reason that would reveal itself to me and today is that day.

I think one of the main questions that I get most as a medium is “Are they really around me?” or “Do they see and know what’s going on with me and the family?” Do they really leave signs, symbols, blatant in your face yes-I’m-still-here -just-in-a-different dimension-thank you. Yes, they most certainly do. I’m living proof of that.

I’m a medium and I thought I had pretty much experienced all of the weird phenomena, spirit activity, etc. that was out there. I’ve been poked, and had spirits in my face and all around me to the point of feeling smothered and overwhelmed-especially as a beginner in training. I’ve experienced some amazing stuff, some scary, but mostly just amazing.

Hand in hand....
Hand in hand….

Yet here it was… a hand squeeze-something so simple, so direct and so loving. Something so out of the ‘ordinary’ (as if if you could call any of my paranormal experiences that) from anything else I had known Spirit to share with me. It was like…”Hey…I got you…I love you and I’m RIGHT HERE…always.“.

I had no idea who it was that was sitting on that ottoman next to my bed squeezing my hand, but I felt LOVED. I felt like I was not alone, nor would I ever be. Me…the medium who brings this exact message through for others time and again, was experiencing it first hand…paranormal pun intended!

Wow…I couldn’t speak, I could hardly think after it happened.

My mind did mental gymnastics all day trying to analyze, compartmentalize and make sense of what had just happened to me.

I knew it was a spirit, check. Was it a relative?…not sure…no check. Was it an angel?…no, angels are HUGE and I know their energy ‘signature’…no check. I felt that it was someone definitely sitting on the ottoman looking at me…probably staring as some spirits like to do and just I guess…yes…. watching over me as I slept. Wow.

I’m the one who tells my clients their loved ones are always near, always watching over them, and now…wow. I had a profound experience that seriously upped the anty for me in my own spiritually wacky and wonderful world! I have had white feathers from my mom, had clocks fly off the walls from a rambunctious 14 year old boy who died just up the street, and had so many amazing signs and proof that there is so much more to life in the afterLIFE… but this…whoa!

I FELT the love, the tenderness and adoration from the spirit watching over me. I asked who it was but never did get a clear answer, perhaps I wasn’t supposed to, perhaps I was to just TRUST, BELIEVE and RESPECT in what I was given. It was A GIFT… proof that YES, they are really there, are ALWAYS around us, and always take interest in us as they did in life and yes, they indeed do know what is going on in our lives. I know because they tell me when I read for my clients, and they are always amazed and shocked that I know such details of their lives.

I have seen spirits hang out at my son’s basketball games, watching their grandkids play ball from the bleachers. I see them alongside their loved ones in stores, restaurants, hospitals…you name it.
They are THERE.

Fascinating…Even as I write this blog I can still feel that dreamy half-sleep as I think and reminisce.

I’m so glad that Spirit and the Universe conspired to remind me about this experience, and inspired me to write about it finally for you.

You may think as a medium it’s relatively easy for me to say “Yes..your loved ones are always near and always around you”. No, I’ve experienced it…I mean REALLY experienced many things that prove it to me, and I’m a pretty good skeptic of these things even in my field which is WAY out in left field for most people! I want proof- especially because of who I am and the gifts I have.

So…it’s never happened again, nor do I believe it ever will.

I think it was a one time deal, and I’m glad for that because I’m not so sure I could handle it happening again, but then again, all I have to do is remember to say Thank you…I love you, and Hey…I’ll see you again someday…soon. Don’t be afraid to ASK, RECEIVE and of course…BELIEVE! They are always listening, always loving, and always….always THERE.

(Here’s the original post. Thanks for sharing, Lisa!)