Intuitives: Remember, in that other life time?

desk2222 Those of you who have been following me know I’ve explored a number of ways the world works (and sometimes doesn’t work, the way we expect), and know that I’ve had past life regression sessions off & on since 1984.

Jane Jackson
Jane Jackson

So, it was exciting to run into Jane Jackson (here’s her website). Besides offering reiki (she worked with me to loosen up a hand/muscle problem…it was good!) and a host of other services, she also conducts sessions so that folks can review events in lives past. So I called her up. I hope you get a chance to do this, sometime.

This session was especially helpful for me, as it showed a group of folks I was with 150 years ago that includes family members and friends now. This has thrown a new (and positive) light on my connections with them then, and gives me ideas for connections this time around, including laughing about “you’re still doing THAT?” with a person who may have been a soul-mate (not in the usual present-day romantic sense, but in the traveling companion sense.)

The biggest difference between this and other sessions I’ve had was the depth of prior experience, and how I could feel it & know it. I’ll be interested to hear your experiences, too…in this session, when I would see or be around a person (from back then), I knew the whole backstory.

What I mean by that is I didn’t just feel, “Oh, that’s Bob,” but more, like looking at pictures in your school yearbook. So I would see and recognize Bob, but have all those memories and feelings and experiences with Bob, as well (which is why we keep those yearbooks, right?) The result was a deeper experience in the session, as I could feel why I was sad or glad to see someone, and what the story was, behind those feelings. It was pretty amazing, and I’m pretty sure the way Jane conducts the session contributes to that.Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 9.57.49 AM

Jane’s work focuses on personal growth (which often means addressing old pains) and personal renewal and energy release, which comes from sorting out what’s plugging things up. Take a peek at what she offers and give her a call – I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did!

– Brother Ian

You can find out more about Jane Jackson on her website at Lightwork Energy, and can contact her for a free pre-consultation through the site. Besides past life regressions, she offers core cellular transformation, distance healing sessions, reiki sessions,  workshops and energy circles, and  group work.