Writings: One year. Cool ’nuff. Carry on….

164249_10200402013985678_21633603_nWell, you’ve been with me for a while now,  so you know the story.

I love it, a year after getting “The World According to Brother Ian” going, that somewhere between 250-400  people check into this blog each day. Some of you write me, occasionally you comment beneath each posting, sometimes you hit  “like” on Facebook, and most days I just post it & you just read it. That seems to be the usual rhythm.

I feel lucky.

There are three pastors, one priest, five nuns, and at least one monk who troll this blog for sermon ideas, essay ideas, and (one said)  jokes.

One of my songs ended up being used at a peace rally, another for a lullaby by a traveling band with a baby, and another has been played at seven different weddings that I know of. I love the idea of everyone singing along.

One teacher friend of mine said she occasionally uses ideas she gets here for story prompts in her language arts class.

Sometimes people write to me and tell me something that’s posted made them cry. Others laugh, think, react, and occasionally drop me a note that I am barking up the wrong tree.

But at the end of the day, it feels good to have this little place that you & I can meet and swap stories. You inspire me day by day with the words and pictures we share.

Thanks for being there… and let’s keep this thing going.

Thank you for your love and support, and as it says in the Ten Most Important Things, thanks for working with me to heal & share.

Blessings, dear heart –

Brother Ian


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